Morton-Brittain Historic Home
December 24, 2018

On Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018, the Nolensville Historical Society (NHS) held a special membership meeting regarding their role in the preservation of the historic Morton-Brittain house.

 The membership was presented with information regarding the recent series of events which have placed the historic home in jeopardy at its current location.  With the home set to be demolished by a developer at the end of January 2019, members were updated with the current efforts to move the home and research regarding a permanent site or temporary short-term location within the Town of Nolensville.

 To secure a move-date for the home by the developer’s deadline, the members voted in favor of immediately funding the initial upfront portion of the fee to a structure moving company.

 Fundraising efforts are immediately underway.  Tax deductible contributions will help raise the remaining balance due of the moving fee as well as the money needed for the home’s restoration. The Morton-Brittain house is one of the few remaining structures in Nolensville that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

In accordance with the mission statement of the Nolensville Historical Society, NHS will be recruiting additional community team members for the Morton-Brittain Home Preservation Project.

The NHS mission is to promote a knowledge and awareness of the historical heritage of Nolensville and the surrounding areas and to promote the preservation and restoration of historic sites in and around the Nolensville community.

The Nolensville Historical Society has successfully saved and restored the old school and gymnasium. The historic Nolensville School was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 and the official historical marker was erected on site in 2018.  The property has become a significant event center, a community venue and houses the Nolensville Historical Society Museum which showcases a timeless classroom, a 1937 kitchen display, Nolensville memorabilia and a gift shop.

Preserving Our Heritage

Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Historic Nolensville School, the Nolensville Historical Society is an active organization that serves the community in a variety of ways.  Visit our Museum.  Enjoy our Event Center.