About Community Classes

When first considering whether to take on the responsibility of the historic school building, Nolensville Historical Society members and the public expressed a strong desire for continuing education classes being held in the building.  Renovations to the historic building have been completed with adequate space for classes, meetings, and group events in mind.

In August 2014 classes began with 3 large Canning and Freezing classes.  Next came Tie Dy T-Shirts, Psalm 23 Bracelets, Quilting, Cake Decorating, Freezer Meal Preparation, and American Sign Language; all of which will be repeated.

New classes in the works include Youth Leadership Skills, Raised Bed and Container Gardening, Basic Technology Skills for Laptop, Tablet, and Smart Phones, Photography, Sleeping Mats for the Homeless, Knitting, Crochet, and Floral Arranging.

We are extremely grateful to local instructors who make this community service project possible.

If you would like to suggest a class or teach a class, we welcome your input and assistance.

You may contact Lynda Moses for additional information regarding community classes at historicalsocietyclasses@gmail.com.

An active FaceBook informational page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/historicalsocietyclasses.