February 15, 2017

Wow! So many great things are happening in our Historical Society.  There has been a wonderful response to our museum being open part time from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Michelle Jenkins, Museum Director, and her volunteer  assistants have welcomed two “50 Forward” groups, one from College Grove and the other from Donelson, and our local Boy Scout Troop 297 to tour the museum.

Sue Henry’s fine art photography Exhibit of Nolensville scenes is receiving accolades from the many visitors.  We are getting great publicity in the Williamson Herald, and our Publicity Chair, Julia Ozburn, has written news items for the Herald and the Nolensville Home Page.  Our thanks go to all these individuals for their involvement in advertising our historical society and making it known to the larger community.

Pete Mosely and the Facilities Committee, have been busy with repairs, cleaning out our storage closets, and Pete has purchased new door mats for all entrances.  Greg Bruss has installed a large roll up projection screen, with electric control (to lower and raise) in the cafeteria.  He also is busy as our Rental Agent, scheduling and contracting with groups who want to use our gym.

Lynda Moses purchased an enclosure for our Air conditioning unit, and she and Wendell installed it.  Lynda, as secretary continues to keep us informed via her reports to our membership.

A Membership Drive is being planned to increase our member base and to encourage local businesses to support the Historical Society.  Tony King has great ideas about how to increase membership and bring in revenue.  All these activities are thrilling and will produce great results. 

On January 9, we had the first of our recognition programs for WWII Veterans.  James Oliver was the first veteran in this program and was interviewed by pre-recorded DVD.  Paul Campbell will be the next veteran so honored and his interview will be on March 13, at 6:30 p.m.  We commend John Witcher for proposing these recognition programs and arranging for these recorded interviews.  Other local veterans will be interviewed in the next several months.

Lynda Winters, Treasurer, has fine-tuned our annual budget and provides us targets/guidelines for anticipated expenses as the year progresses.

Our Hospitality Committee, led by Juli King, has organized and labeled the drawers, and shelves in our cafeteria, discarded unusable items and done general cleaning.  They have planned to have refreshments only, rather than a potluck meal, for the March meeting.  This committee also sends get well cards and Sympathy cards to our members.  We extend our sympathy to the family of Parman Henry, who passed away recently.  He was the first president of our Historical Society.

Daniel and Kasi Haire, operators of the Nolensville Farmers Market, have volunteered to underwrite the expense for new landscaping in front of our building.  This is a wonderful commitment, and we thank them so much.  The project is being designed, and will be shared with our Officers for final approval, and work should begin early in March.

I am so excited about what is happening! Working together we can accomplish much.  Thanks to everyone who has accepted or volunteered for service in all these areas.

We still need additional volunteers.  If you are ready to get involved in our activities, please let me know.  We need you and you will enjoy doing something for our community and getting to make new friends in our Historical Society.

Let’s keep it Movin’,

Carroll Moore

NHS President

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