February 28, 2019

Dear Nolensville Historical Society Members, both present and past, and our many friends and supporters:

The New Year is here.  Our first meeting of the year was held on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019.  It was enjoyable, and the food was plentiful and tasty.  There were over forty people present.  The fellowship was exciting, and everyone talked about the committees and projects they wanted to work on.

But what is my overall goal for Nolensville Historical Society? 

Nolensville has always been a community of working-class people who pull together to complete projects that help everyone:  building a cool gym; lighting ball fields; or starting the first volunteer fire department in Williamson County.  Nolensville Historical Society can be the one organization that continues to unite Nolensville residents.  Churches can’t do this:  they are in competition to fill seats.  Subdivisions can’t do this: each realtor sold you their house because their subdivision was the best place to raise a family.  Schools and athletic clubs can’t do this because competition is their purpose.  My goal is to improve the entire Nolensville community for everyone.

In the past and most likely in the future, there will be differences in opinions and ideas.  Don’t get your feelings hurt and pull away or drop out.  We can only make improvements if we all work together.  Your opinion is very important even if it is not the majority.

Please join Nolensville Historical Society, pay your dues, and work on as many projects as possible.  Then you can proudly say,  “I improved my community.  I made the world better for my children and grandchildren.”

Nolensville will continue to change in the number of houses and the size of the population, but I hope generations will remember Nolensville as a group of people working together with a “can do” attitude.

Thank you.

Pete Mosley
Nolensville Historical Society